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Carol Ann Clark (Griffin)

Carol Ann Clark (Griffin)

June 13, 2018
It is with great sorrow that I have to tell you our classmates CarolAnn Clark Griffin has passed peacefully today 6/13/2018 to be with our heavenly Father. Please pray for her Brothers and Son as they mourn their loss. She was such a great friend to all who knew her.

A Tribute to Our Dearest Friend “Carol Ann (Clark) Griffin”
A friend is someone who is concerned with everything you do.
A friend is someone who understands whatever you do.
A friend is someone who tells you the truth about yourself.
A friend is someone who knows what you are going through at all times.
A friend is someone who does not compete with you.
A friend is someone who is genuinely happy for you when things go well.
A friend is someone who tries to cheer you up when things don’t go well.
A friend is an extension of yourself with which you are not complete.
                     (Poem by Susan Polis Schutz: “A Friend Is”)
Her Friends sent their love:
Angela Flanagan said, “Nothing is large enough to contain the love and caring by Carol in 66 years of friendship. She protected me in elementary school and we had each other’s back in Junior High, and High School. No one could ask for a more faithful and caring friend. I will see you again my BFF.  
Linda Lee Cravey Williams said “On June 13, 2018 I lost a childhood friend. We were 9 years old when we meet. As we grew up our friendship never faded. I thank God for Carol Clark being in my life. Love her always!
Diane Rozier said, “she was a loyal friend.”
Edna Temple said, “Carol Ann has been a dear friend of mine since before 1st grade and that is a long time to have a friend…. especially when they still like you. Friends all through school…. and after that…. what a long run as it was nice to have shared it with her! She gave of herself from the heart and I will always remember her for that. Beautiful person inside and out. Carol Ann will truly be missed. She is now in God’s hands with all of her loved ones. Rest in peace dear friend.” 
Barbara Smith said, “Carol had a dream with a purpose and plan given to her by The One Who is Faithful and True. Her desire and dream was to not leave this earthly realm until she had fulfilled God’s plan and purpose for her life before “going home.” It was with great joy and anticipation that Carol looked forward to seeing Jesus, whom she loved and worshiped. This day we do not mourn her passing, rather celebrate Carol’s “home going” knowing and believing she lived her dream, fulfilled her purpose and is now in the loving arms of Jesus Christ, her Lord and Savior.”
Annabelle Madison said, “My friend Carol faced her cancer as she lived with “courage” and “faith” that God was with her as she walked thru the “valley.” She fought to be there for her husband and son for 8 ½ years. She had a smile and love for her dear “friends” from her childhood and me for the past 20 years.”
Carol was always concerned for others. As we were having last conversation, she told me to not “mourn” her! She wanted her friends to “Go on an enjoy life” and know She is in a “beautiful” place.
As Christians we have a distinct advantage over nonbelievers: We don’t have to be afraid of dying. We know our final exit here will be our grandest entrance there- in heaven. We know exactly where we’re going, and we’re eager to get there. (From Book “Humor Me” by Barbara Johnson)
God sent us a “friend” when we needed one the most. Your friends, Annabelle, Barbara, Edna, Angela, Linda Lee, Diane, Norma and many others will miss you for now, BUT will see you soon!!

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06/14/18 12:17 PM #1    

Linda Claypool (VanderWilt)

I'm so very sorry to hear of CarolAnn's death.  She will certainly be missed. Prayers for her family.broken heart

06/14/18 12:18 PM #2    

Paul Williams

June 13, 2018


Today, I  lost my oldest and dearest childhood friend.We were both nine years old, when I moved across the street from her family in 1954.  As we grew up, our friendship never faded.  I  thank GOD for Carol Clark being in my life.Love her always....  Linda Lee Cravey, Williams

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