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12/29/17 08:18 AM #859    


Cynthia Adams

Happy New Year to all the 1963 safe and keep your loved one's close....cynthia

12/29/17 09:16 AM #860    

Roger Browning

Nothing better than having proof that you got kicked out of an english class.  From the 1963 Hialeah Hiways, a picture of me sitting outside of Mr Krowich english class.

12/29/17 11:41 AM #861    

Charles (Charlie) Burns

I remember Mr. Krowich! And Mr. Jones (English), Mr Biskup (Biology), Mr Plotts (Physics). Many of the teachers I remember dressed as professionnals, or business casual. Sport coat, tie.

12/29/17 12:39 PM #862    

Roger Browning


Lets turn the clock back a few years to the year 1956 at Mae M Walters Elementary School.  Mr Hall's 6th grade class had a Tallent Show.  My thanks to MaryLee with putting names to faces.

12/29/17 01:18 PM #863    


James (Jimmy) Sullivan

I remember Mr. Hall's class well and especially the talent show. I had brought in a 4 string guitar earlier that year and sang for the class. Mr Hall, then "casted" me to play Elvis Presley in the show and cut some long sideburns out of some material and taped them on me. What a hoot. Mr. Hall also took the time to bring in his guitar and taught me how to play the guitar.

We had great classmates and all the girls were knockouts. By the way, Jaque's last name is Levoy. Great times, great classmates and a great teacher. I assume most of the guys remember the little room next door to the class where rowdy little boys we taken for a Mr. Hall paddling when necessary. Great seeing that picture again.

(I have no idea how the text came out red but I attemped to edit it three times with no success. So, red it is.......)

12/29/17 01:47 PM #864    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

Hi all of my TBRED friends!  Its getting to the closing of a very eventful 2017.  I am anxious for the New Year where we will all enjoy good health, happiness and love from family and friends. Wishing all a blessed 2018!  See you in Sept!!!!Love Kathy Go TBREDS!!!

12/29/17 02:46 PM #865    


Larry King

Oh too funny.  CHUCK, I love your story.  I did hate English.  This is unbelievable but I am currently a Substitute Teacher at our local schools.  I've been doing this, part-time, for about 2 years now.  Only 1 or 2 days a week....but now I wish I could go back and apologise to MY teachers from years ago....LOL!  DANIEL, Ms. Luster was tough but very fair.  She never sent me to the office and she did pass me.  ROGER, at least Ms. Luster let me sit in a desk in the hall but I have no proof like you do. Looks like you only got a chair. Too funny again.  Jimmyyou can control the color with those little buttons at the top of this page.  Plus, you would make a great Elvis.  LOL !!  KATHY, we hope you have a fantastic 2018....HAPPY NEW YEAR !! and....HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the HHS graduates!!

12/29/17 03:58 PM #866    


Chuck Leon

The 1956 picture is an amazing find, brought out memories long gone. 

Mr Hall must have been a great teacher, I remember his prior students dropping by. 

12/30/17 09:41 AM #867    


Judy Boyd (Harmison)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  Hope you have a happy, healthy 2018!

12/30/17 01:06 PM #868    


Sharon Brown (Theriault)

Happy New Year, T-Breds!! May it be blessed with good health, prosperity, and lots of blessing from God. Bless you all.

12/30/17 01:50 PM #869    


Shiela Frost (Fowler)

I remember practicing & practicing with Gerry Zepernick for that talent show. We had no talent, but we didn't know that. What fun!

The best of 2018 to all my classmates. Can't wait until September!

12/30/17 08:30 PM #870    


Ruth Underwood (Herrera)

Happy New Year everyone. I'm watching the Univ of Miami game in the Orange Bowl and remembering going to Biscayne Blvd for the parade, thinking it was really cold (probably 60 degrees), more often watched it on tv. Love the pictures and comments posted, good times!

01/06/18 01:48 PM #871    


Fred -Skip Phillips (Phillips)

larry great photos ,,,   especially when you write on them ,,,   i was in blocks class 6th greade ,,, you were in halls class ,,,    skip 

01/10/18 02:19 PM #872    


Larry King

FROM SHERRY LUND NEWBERG:  Happy New Year to all my Hialeah High 63 classmates. September will be here before you know it. Let all your classmates know about the 55th reunion. Some don't do Facebook or computers. Also, if you need a room with someone post it on Hialeah High 63 Facebook and Hialeah High Class of 63 website. Thanks, Lund Newberg

01/15/18 03:44 PM #873    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

HI Pat ,  Thanks for the info and update.  I have reserved my room for the Reunion.  I know it will be an awesome time to talk, laugh, dance, eat and drink with my TBred friends !  Let me know if I can help.  My grandaughter is getting married in Feb  so we have been very busy and excited.  God bless and Take care !!!



01/15/18 03:53 PM #874    


Larry King

Henry H Filer Junior High School in the good old days. Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end. 

01/16/18 08:55 AM #875    


Paul Korry

Good shot that brings back some memories, particularly our 9th grade prom held in the cafeteria. 

01/18/18 10:40 AM #876    


Larry King

Shared by John Drake from ESPN’s photos:

01/19/18 08:14 AM #877    


Daniel MacAlister

1972 was a great season - the '73 Super Bowl was REALLY GREAT! But since then the Dolphins have won 420 games, LOST 305 games, won 11 Divisional Championships, 3 Conference Championships and have had 10 head coaches! I guess this begs the question, "What have you done for me lately?"

01/20/18 12:23 PM #878    


Chuck Leon

Paul, it's so interesting to see how many of our classmates go back to Henry Filer and even Mae M. Walters and amazing that someone could come up with a picture. 

And we were so fortunate to have Don Shula's Dolphins! I attended every home game during the perfect season and saw all the away games on TV. Before that my younger son was born while I was attending the Super Bowl in New Orleans. Early that morning as I was preparing to leave for Opa Locka airport my wife went into labor. I wanted to cancel the trip but she pointed out that I was the pilot and three people were expecting me to show up.

After a cold morning refueling in Tallahassee we followed a DC-10 landing into New Orleans and were directed to park on a taxiway among a long line of bizjets. There we were picked up by a school bus. The others on the bus appeared to be wealthy Texans, the women with fur coats, men in big hats and coats. I went from feeling like a Sky King in my Cessna 310 twin to feeling like I just arrived with the Beverly Hillbillies truck!

It was so cold at the game and I was okay with flight duties not permitting me to drink the beer. After the game I was able to find a phone and call Hialeah hospital to learn about my new baby boy--but first I answered questions to the doctor before he handed my wife the phone. Weather made it possible to return non-stop that night arriving before daylight. 

My youngest son Nick, who is retiring from the Army tomorrow may be happy that in a fit of enthusiasm we did not name him Larry Csonka Leon.  

01/20/18 01:17 PM #879    


Shiela Frost (Fowler)

Great story!  Proud Dad!!

01/21/18 01:06 PM #880    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

Chuck  I never knew you were a pilot !  Great story  !!Are you planning on going to the 55 Reunion in Sept?

01/22/18 01:35 PM #881    


Chuck Leon

Kathy, I'm a frustrated general aviation pilot. Do you fly? We have a classmate retired as an airline pilot (Doug) who probably logged more hours than me in a year. Who knew when we were young that our classmates would accomplish so much in so many ways! 

Sometimes I meet active airline pilots who soloed years after I did in 1968. Life has often interrupted my opportunity to fly. After the trip to the Super Bowl in New Orleans I did not fly for a while. Then it became frequent again until the gasoline shortage. I would fly from Opa Locka to a grass strip near the Everglades where my oldest son logged more glider time than I did. Over the years I have time in a bunch of different aircraft types, and left some cool ones unlogged. Once I landed an amphibian in one of those rock pit lakes west of MIA and some mall-cop type called the FAA on us. (the guy who owned the airplane, a chief pilot for a cargo airline, was good with them so it was a non-issue).

These days I'm flying out of nearby Space Coast Executive Airport in Titusville. Get to make fun steep approaches at the nearby NASA Shuttle Landing Facility. As a member of the Pan Air flying club at Tamiami Airport, founded by former Pan Am employees, I'm a part owner of four airplanes. Unless they have changed the club charter all I have to do to be sole owner is to outlive them!

Love the reunion location, encourage our classmantes to relax there. I  took my late mom there when she was 90 and she danced barefoot on the sand enjoying the applause of the others. Food's not bad either. Never stayed overnight, it's not a long drive for me. The date is a problem. My grandson is playing high school football in Illinois and I plan to attend his games.

Hoping to find a way to be there and to listen to everyone's stories. 


01/22/18 06:55 PM #882    


Larry King

Hialeah Hospital in the early 1950’s. Another, blast from the past. 


01/22/18 08:14 PM #883    


Larry King

Chuck,  sounds like your aviation feats were a lot of fun and a big success. I really hope you find some way to make it to the 55th. I would love to hear more of your stories. Take care. ✈️

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