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07/14/18 01:18 PM #988    


Donald "Donnie" Simmons

Dear Classmates,
I have been busy behind the scenes TRYING to keep those that  plan on attending the 55th Class Reunion, enthused and motivated for the fun and fellowship that will happen. I HOPE it will encourage those on the fence to actually decide on attending.. 
Most of you already know of the new tab that contains our HHS School Newspaper from Sept 62 - May 63.
Many of the ladies NEVER forget how we danced back in those days to the best music ever. All those afternoons of watching American Bandstand and practicing in their living rooms. In case you forgot I have a NEW Tab on the left right under 55th Registered Attendees called Dances of Our School Years.  Most all of this can be found on YouTube for those that search it out. HOWEVER, MOST don't or won't do this. Sooooooo I  have done it for you and  NOW all you have to do is go to the tab and click on  any  of the links and relive those days. Like I  have done with the Attendees List The LAST entry added at the bottom of the links will be in  BLUE and when I add new ones or new singers on American Bandstand I will change the last entry I make to Blue.
Women, NEVER forget but for SOME of the guys out there that need a little recurrent training just go there and LEARN AGAIN.
PLEASE contact any and all you can that have NOT joined the Official HHS Class of 63 website to please do so for entertainment and up to the latest happenings for the  Reunion...
Donnie Simmons aka "Peppy le Pest" your  website administrator 

07/15/18 12:28 PM #989    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

Hi TBREDS!! First of all,  Thank you Donnie for all of your wonderful music and ZIBZAB videos!   No one is immune to your  creative efforts and photos.  I am getting a lot of laughs from watching  (ESP myself in It's All About The  Bass !!!) and I hope they don't scare people away.  It's going to be a wonderful weekend in Sept.   And to Pat Turner thank you for all that you do for the reunion !  See you all in Sebastian !

07/16/18 11:53 AM #990    


Catherine DePrado (Tufts)

Donnie, Donnie, Donnie

I have been on the beach for three weeks and see that you have been very busy with your posts while I was gone. They are very funny and entertaining. I can't speak for the other girls but I no longer move the way I did in '63. Maybe a can of oil sprayed on my joints will losen me up. I'll give it a try. Keep up the good work. You and Pat Turner are doing a fabulous job. "See you in September".


07/19/18 03:55 PM #991    


Virginia (Ginny) Combs (Aday)

Hi all,

     I'm arriving in Orlando at the airport on Friday mid-afternoon and have a rental car.   If anyone would like a ride at about that time, please let me know.  I'll be returning to Orlando early Sunday morning as I have an 11 AM flight to Santa Fe NM.  Again, if anyone needs a ride, let me know.   Hate to drive to Sabestian alone and would enjoy the company.   Have the car so might as well share it!  My email is  Thanks!  Ginny Combs Aday


07/20/18 04:15 PM #992    


Donald "Donnie" Simmons

Donnie,  Where ever you think is the most visible place to post this
information, , PLEASE POST
Calling all classmates who have not yet registered for the reunion!!!
We have approximately 2 months until our reunion begins. In fact 
those who are coming early on September the 20th it is 2 months 
away today.  PLEASE do your best to get your registration cost 
submitted as soon as possible, so that details can be finalized. I am
trying to make this a good time for all. I have tried to keep in mind
the cost and keep them as low as possible for everyone. For those 
who are planning on attending everything I need to be able to give 
the hotel a final head count for the dinner by September 14th.
Thank You for your cooperation.
See You There,
                          Pat Turner   
If you think it will be more visible post it in the message forum also.
Thank You,  Pat

07/21/18 10:38 AM #993    


Catherine DePrado (Tufts)


You really are too much. I just wached today's video of "What Gets Donnie Going Everyday" You told me that "I don't look good naked Anymore" was dedicated to ---- -----. but really, I think that it probably applies to all of us. We need to accept it, not worry about it, not worry about what others think and just come to the reunion and enjoy ourselves. Us gals may have skirts on our bathing suits and you guys may be holding your swim trunks up with suspenders but so what???? "See you in September".

07/22/18 12:32 PM #994    


Donna Riha (Lancour)

I agree with you Cathy.

None of us are 100 pounds anymore.

Let's all meet and enjoy each others company and have a good time.

Travel safely and see you for the Reunion.

Donna (Riha) Lancoaur

07/22/18 05:57 PM #995    


Dinah Deptula (Flood)

Thanks, Cathy and Donna!!!  Guess I'll forget about removing one of my legs to get rid of that extra 20 pounds I've added (dieting is NOT in my future)...besides, it would have made things difficult for dancing on the beach!!!  AND, from what I've seen on Donnie's videos, we definitely have some movers and shakers on the dance floor.  Little did I realize the talent this class possesses!  With or without Jib Jab, we can still boogie with the best of 'em!  Looking forward to enjoying, sharing and reconnecting ... even with skirted suits AND suspenders!!!  Love to ALL!

07/22/18 06:31 PM #996    


Donald "Donnie" Simmons


Your comment, as well as Cathy's and that of Donna Riha are right on. We can't change how we look these  days. BUT, it should never take away from who we are now.Bringing laughs and reliving those memories of then and making NEW ONES NOW... Got my grass skirt and coconut coverings ready ( I am modest) and to be on the safe side I am NOT Scottish so under that grass skirt and being a former Swim Team Member I will have my leopard Speedo on Just in case I get carried  away on the Dance Floor or fall down.  It ain't a pretty site but at my  age I DON"T CARE...

07/22/18 08:53 PM #997    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

Calling all TBREDS !  After one reads the messages and the big plans that are being made ...well,  You just have to be there!   It's  two months away,  so get registered and get ready to have an AWESOME time at the 55th !  See you in SEPT!!!

07/27/18 09:07 AM #998    


Catherine DePrado (Tufts)


I just watched today's jibjab. I see that working on the committe with Sherry has given you a real boost of energy. Good for you. Who said that we were getting old???????

Oh, and by the way, I love the pokadot boxers.

07/28/18 10:17 AM #999    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)

PAT TURNER, JIBJAB was hilarious.DONNIE has done a wonderful job for our website and PAT TURNER putting this 55th reunion together has been a DREAM come true.Thanks for all TB committee for your help.September is coming close.See you soon.

07/28/18 09:06 PM #1000    


Ray Valdez





08/04/18 08:36 PM #1001    


Larry King

If the 55th reunion is half as great as the 50th was it will be excellent.  Can’t wait. See you there. ❤️ Thanks Pat  and crew for all you do!


08/05/18 01:15 PM #1002    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)


Our class reunion is approaching soon. Take your vitamins and rest up, because "MOLLY THE CLOWN" is coming from California to entertain you all at the pool party with "DONNIE"smiley on Saturday 9/22/18 from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.

At the reunion we will be having a silent auction. If possible, please bring something for the auction table that is either new, homemade, funny or old that brings back memories. The proceeds from the auction go to our class reunion fund.


Sherry Lund Newberg / MOLLY THE CLOWN


08/05/18 08:11 PM #1003    


Ray Valdez

Ray Valdez class of 1964


Great looking clown You're going to make a great time, just a little bit better, thank you.I can't wait. this is going to be a lot of fun.



08/10/18 08:52 AM #1004    


Donald "Donnie" Simmons

All Classmates,

Edna "Kelly" Ervin (Teeple) was involved in a head on collision (the other driver was charged)  this past Sunday on her way to work. She is on the trauma floor of a hospital in Ocacla. She sustained 3 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and cuts and abrasions. I talked with her last night and again this morning. She sounded in good spirts as she ALWAYS does. She gave me permission to give out the following information to the class. Her cell phone number is 352-322-0567.It is not a smart phone and does send or receive text. She said she can not always answer the phone but if she can she will. I hae also been advised if there is a problem with the cell number the hospital number is 352-401-1000 Room 406.

Anyone wanting to send cards may do so for her home address:

Edna "Kelly" Ervin Teelple

18720 SW 20 Street

Dunnellon, Fla. 34432-1504

I know she would be happy to receive cards and words of encouragement.  Donnie

08/11/18 05:36 PM #1005    


Donald "Donnie" Simmons

A little update on Edna "Kelly" Ervin (Teeples). She is still on the trauma floor but HOPES to be released to rehab as soon as certain levels have been reached with her collapsed lung. Classmate Lynn Wukits (Cottom) visted her today for about 2 hours. They did NOT know each other in school but really enjoyed each others company and more visits are in the future. Lynn said, Kelly of course has quite a bit of pain with 5 broken ribs and the collapsed lung. but her SPIRITS are great. Everyone knows that about Kelly... I talked with Kelly while Lynn was there and I asked for a picture to show the class that the smile is still there.. Please keep her in your prayers.... Donnie

08/12/18 11:52 AM #1006    


Larry King

Glad to see and hear that Kelly is doing well. See looks great for someone who went though all that. So glad that it wasn’t worse. Get real better, real soon. 😘 🙏🏼

08/13/18 11:04 AM #1007    


Ray Valdez

Kelly I hope you soon recover completly and you can be with those who love and miss you....get better soon 

08/13/18 01:55 PM #1008    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

Hi Kelley ,  I hope this finds you on the mend and ready to hit the dance floor at the reunion .  Stay strong and I'll  see you in Sept.!!!! Go TBREDS!!!

08/13/18 06:08 PM #1009    


Judy Boyd (Harmison)

Kelly sending prayers and hope you feel better soon! Your amazing positive outlook will help you mend even faster! Hope to see you in September.

08/13/18 10:46 PM #1010    


Larry King

This is the Kelly we all want to see in September. Photo taken at our 50th reunion. Get real well, real soon.  ❤️

08/14/18 08:49 AM #1011    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)

Kelly, Stay strong. MOLLY THE CLOWN sends you lots of love. See you at 55th reunion and I will make you another balloon hat with love.Love Molly the clown.

08/14/18 11:38 AM #1012    


Ginger Steel (Smietana)

Here is hoping you heal quickly. Always takes longer since we aren't 18 in body. (Just in our minds.)

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