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04/09/18 11:38 AM #908    


Sharyn Lucas (McNichols)

Hi, everytime I got to Hialeah again, I would eat there and remember all the great lunches I had there.  They had the very best onion rings on the planet!  Did they close now?  Last time I was there, they were still there, but it's been a good while now.  Wouldn't it be just the greatest, if Frank n Bun, Pizza Palace, Royal Castle and their frosty mugs of birch beer, and The Hitching Post were all still there?  I suppose we'd all put on some pounds in a hurry!.  Oops, I forgot Lums and Howard Johnsons in Miami Springs near Custiss National Bank who had yummy clam sandwiches.


04/09/18 02:43 PM #909    


Robert "Bob" Kranz

I lived behind the Hitching Post, with my family at (462 SE 6th St. Hialeah) from the age of 6 until a few years after  I returned from 4 years in the US Navy.

04/09/18 09:14 PM #910    


Catherine DePrado (Tufts)

Dear Classmates,

Our beloved P.E. teacher, Quinn Kelley has been taken to Alabama, by her niece Penny, and placed in a home called, of all things, Kelley's Place. Although she did not want to leave her home in Hialeah, her walkers at Westland Mall and her many, many friends, this really was for the best as her memory was getting progressively worse.

Those of us who saw her on a regular basis will miss her very much but we know that she will be loved and well taken care of at "Kelley's Place." Her niece will be able to visit her often.

For those of you who would like to send her a card or note, her address is:


E. Quinn Kelley  Room 105

109 Chaney Street

Enterprise, Al. 36330




04/09/18 10:16 PM #911    


Larry King

May God Bless Ms. Kelley. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.  I know you girls will surely miss her and your routine luncheons. ❤️

04/09/18 10:47 PM #912    

John Baris

I was in Hialeah recently and went by HHS. Sad to say the school looks rather ugly now. Especially the entrance, which was rather beautiful as I recall. My wife, Noreen, was with me and she was not impressed.

Does anyone have any photos of the school at the time we went there? Especially the entrance. The pictures in the yearbook don't really show it very well.

So if you do could you post them?



04/10/18 09:18 AM #913    


Larry King

John, as you remember, the entrance was on 47th Street (photo below) and now it is on 48th Street. It’s all about security now.

04/11/18 08:49 AM #914    


Edna "Kelly" Ervin (Teeple)

I use to live exactly 10 blocks from school.....251 E 57 St whereas the school was 251 E 47 St. walked straight down 2 av across the cat walk over the canal and on to school. those were the days when we didn't need all the fence wire for protection. We all can remember those days.....children now days have nothing to remember. when we were together we actually talked to each other.....not like today....Until later....I wish you enough....xo :)♥

04/11/18 09:29 AM #915    

Vince Rusinak (HHS 1964)

Actually, the entrance is still on 47th Street. This is the "new" addition on the east side of the cafeteria/gym that houses the school principal and classrooms/special use areas. 

The 48th Street entrance is now the administrative area for the night school which essentially takes over the school facilities at about 2pm each day.

04/11/18 12:19 PM #916    

Donald "Donnie" Simmons

I received this information last night and was asked to post it. My prayers and thoughts go out to our fellow classmate and a REAL THOROUGHBRED - Gene Cuccio. He will get througth  this all and as always, A VERY POSITIVE Classmate..

Donnie thank you for doing this. What I would like is for the class of '63 to be aware of what Gene is going thru.
Gene was diagnosed with cancer of the throat and tongue in Feb. He was on a seven week program of chemo ( 1 day /week) and radiation (5 days / week).
As of early April you can see by the photo he has completed part of the program. The inscription on the plaque says it all. Those that know Gene know what a positive personality he has. He asked Julius Aita to set up a get together in Gainsville in late spring to play tennis and B S. That is a positive Thoroughbred ( racing on).
He would like to hear ( emails) or other medias from the class.

04/11/18 12:59 PM #917    


Fred -Skip Phillips (Phillips)

Gene,,,    your one hell of a figher,,   i know ill be seeing you at the 55th reunion,, (i know that ),,,  

i to am a cancer survivor ,,     ? so i sent you a picture of me and ray pennebaker at the rose bowl


My prayers are with you ,, keep i have a red phone to the man up stairs ,,       skip and brenda  


04/11/18 02:57 PM #918    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

Hi Gene  My dear TBRED friend !  I just heard the news from Donnie and I want to say that you are such a positive and fun person that is always smiling !  I cheered for you in HHS basketball and football.  And Im still cheering for you only now I cant do a cartwheel or a split !!! I will send you photos from the 1961 yearbook.  You are such a warrior and world traveler and I admire that about you !!!  Love to you and beautiful wife !!Can you send me your phone #???and address ??







04/11/18 04:47 PM #919    


Kathy Kuzan (McCleary)

Hi Gene  My dear TBRED friend !  I just heard the news from Donnie and I want to say that you are such a positive and fun person that is always smiling !  I cheered for you in HHS basketball and football.  And Im still cheering for you only now I cant do a cartwheel or a split !!! I will send you photos from the 1961 yearbook.  You are such a warrior and world traveler and I admire that about you !!!  Love to you and beautiful wife !!Can you send me your phone #???and address ??







04/12/18 11:42 AM #920    


Alfred "Al" McKnight

Gene, You look great! 90% of us without cancer wished we looked as healthy as you. Eat right, get plenty of rest, stay positive (you always are) and I’ll see you at the 55th reunion. By the way, I know that Chemo tends to take away the appetite, but I’ve heard that there is an herb that can help with that. If there is anything I can do just let me know(and I mean that) otherwise I will see you in 5 months. 

04/12/18 01:11 PM #921    


Larry King

Gene, Alfred has such a nice way with words. We all share his sentiments and wish you the best. We will look forward to seeing you at our next reunion. Take care!

04/12/18 02:21 PM #922    


David Smeltz (Smeltz)


Hi Folks, My wife and I are looking forward to attending the reunion in September. This will be our second as we attended the 10 year reunion. We have located a RV Resort within five minutes of Captain Hirmans Resort. My question is, can we attend without staying at the resort. The fifty year reunion we traveled to, but could not attend because we were not in the resort specified.  I need to know the cost of the reunion and if we stay at a Camp Ground resort will it interfere with us attendind the reunion. We are missionaries and will be coming in from the field. Thank You, God Bless All---------Dr David N & Susan Smeltz





04/13/18 12:32 PM #923    


Catherine DePrado (Tufts)


I just spoke to Sherry Lund who is helping Pat Turner with the reunion. She said that NO ONE HAS TO STAY AT THE HOTEL to attend the reunion. Pat Turner will post shortly the cost to attend. The cost will depend on how many people have signed up.

All of you who are planning to attend, please register at the hotel ASAP. The more who come, the less the cost.

04/14/18 07:26 AM #924    


Ginger Steel (Smietana)

Ed and I registered for rooms at Hiram. They are full, so we are across the street as recommended by Hiram. Air flight is reserved. We are ready to rock.

04/14/18 07:51 AM #925    


David Smeltz (Smeltz)


We are planning on coming but will be in our 5th Wheel and will be staying at Whispering Palms Resort about four minuts from you all. So where do I register?  Thanks  Dave Smeltz



04/15/18 07:41 AM #926    


Ginger Steel (Smietana)

I have not heard about any place to register. This would be good information to have. We only have hotel reservations.

04/15/18 01:55 PM #927    


Larry King

To All. You must give Captain Hiram’s our reunion code of HHS63 to get a special room at a special price. VERY IMPORTANT. Hope to see you all there. 😎

04/15/18 02:36 PM #928    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)

04/15/18 02:37 PM #929    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)

04/15/18 02:48 PM #930    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)

To all my classmates class of 63 T-Breds:

Our 55th reunion will soon be here as September is coming fast. These pictures are taken recently at the Captain Hiram's Resort. We will soon post the registration costs for the event. You need to register for the Hotel as soon as possible. We are looking forward to seeing you all. smiley


Sherry (Lund) Newberg


04/16/18 03:42 PM #931    


Larry King

Hey T-Breds

Please read the entire Home Page on this site before calling Captain Hirams resort. Please be sure to tell them you were in the HHS63 special pricing. They have a 24 hour advance cancellation policy so you can make your reservations even if you are still a little “iffy”. If you change your mind and can’t go be sure to cancel your reservations at least 24 hours ahead of arrival date.  I booked 2 rooms just yesterday.

One for Larry & Eileen King and one for Affred McKnight and guest Nora.

Hope to see you all there.  Will be a good time for all.



04/16/18 08:01 PM #932    

Lalana (Candie) Dalzelle (Weiss)

We have made hotel reservations and will anxiously await information to register for the reunion. Having a military husband with frequent moves, this will be the first reunion we  have been able to attend. Looking forward to September.

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