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09/05/17 08:15 PM #768    


Ginger Steel (Smietana)

I am definitely interested. I am sure it will be FAR better than my recent college reunion. The 50th was fabulous.

09/06/17 06:28 PM #769    


Larry King

uggggg !!


09/07/17 08:41 AM #770    

Virginia (Ginny) Combs (Aday)




A reunion next year wd b great, however getting a date out asap is the most important!!  Now that we're all retired, dates fill up quickly!!  Looking forward to it where ever it may be!  Hope everyone in Florida is heeding the warnings about Irma!  Most of us remember the prep we all did for hurricanes. No cases of bottled water, justbath  tubs filled with water.  All stay safe!!  Ginny combs Aday 




09/10/17 09:54 AM #771    


Beverly Colletti (Taylor)

Sending prayers to everyone in Florida!  

Joe & Bev Taylor

09/10/17 01:42 PM #772    


Larry King

Thanks Bev and Joe.  We're in Jupiter, on the East coast. It's about 1:30pm on Sunday. It's raining and very windy. We lost power about an hour ago but all is okay for now.  The West coast is going to get the worst later on today. Hope everyone is safe and stays safe. 🙏🏼

09/10/17 08:20 PM #773    


Cynthia Adams

I'm in Lakeland, Fl.  We're having a lot of heavy rain and strong winds.  I think it will probably be worse in a couple of hours.  All do stay safe...God Bless.....cynthia..

09/18/17 10:24 PM #774    


Larry King

I'm on night 2 of this documentary and it's very interesting and informative.  It's on for 10 nights and well worth the time.  It's on PBS at 8:00pm.  We all lived this war daily.

"In an immersive narrative, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick tell the epic story of the Vietnam War as it has never-before been told on film. THE VIETNAM WAR features testimony from nearly 80 witnesses, including many Americans who fought in the war and others who opposed it, as well as Vietnamese combatants and civilians from both the winning and losing sides."

09/19/17 10:12 PM #775    


Edwin "Ed" Kimberly

I have been recording it and have watched the first two shows. It is very well done, and so far, is the best documentary I have seen on the Vietnam war. Maybe it will help me understand what the heck I was doing there. We were very lucky here in Miami that Irma did not hit us directly. Other than a tree on my garage and no power for a week, we came through it OK. The Keys and the west coast, no so lucky. Thanks for posting all the old photos, Larry. It sure brings back some memories.

09/21/17 07:32 AM #776    


David Smeltz (Smeltz)

We were blessed, we went through the hurricane with no damage. Our son was not so fortunate. We live in North Port, Fl and he lives in Sarasota. He has about $15,000 worth of damage. Roof, screened area over pool, gutters,  fence and water damage inside. His roof was only three years old. God is so good. I am having knee problems and will get the result of my MRI today. We moved back to Florida in March of 2017 and it has been a interesting year. 

09/28/17 09:40 AM #777    


Larry King

Kathy Kuzan's latest Birthday with other HHS Class members. All had a good time. 

09/29/17 08:37 AM #778    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)

Happy Birthday Kathy.🎂🍰🎇🎉

09/29/17 04:13 PM #779    


Paul Korry

Nice birthday get together.Happy Birthday Kathy.

As an out of towner, I just learned that the the DJ we all listened to while in junior high & high school recently died at the age of 79, namely the infamous Rick Shaw. While a resident for the past 30 yrs. in Cooper City, I think we can all remember his broadcast on WQAM & that he ended his programs by playing Ray Peterson's classic GOODNIGHT MY LOVE. RIP Rick.


09/30/17 01:09 PM #780    


Larry King

Thanks for the update Paul. 

Shaw’s career on the air in Miami spanned 46 years. In 1964, while working for WQAM, he became the first DJ in South Florida to play the Fab Four.

09/30/17 08:13 PM #781    


Alfred "Al" McKnight

Larry,you should be honored to have inherited Shaw’s nickname and now be our “The keeper of the keys”

10/02/17 11:25 AM #782    


Sherry Lund (Newberg)

Tally Ho, Away We Go!!!

It is time for all Hialeah Sr High class of 1963 T-Breds to reunite for our 55th Reunion.

The proposed date is to be September 20th to 23rd, 2018. Arrive Thursday the 20th

or Friday the 21st and depart on Sunday  Currently the location is not determined.

The Hurricane has caused many south Florida Hotels to fill up and they are still full

and they are not quoting rates. This reunion is going to be a reunion of FUN,


DANCING and more FUN. Hopefully the hospitality room will open Friday and remain

open until 11:00 or 12:00?? Reopen Saturday morning and stay open until everyone

has enjoyed themselves. The goal is to have everything in the ballroom with plenty of

room and food, but no sit down dinners. More information is to follow as quickly as

possible.Richard Tomasello, Chuck, Pat and the ladies are all helping out.

Mark your calendar now and DON'T BE SQUARE, BE THERE. Each of you were

a part of my life and I look forward to seeing all of you.

Your friend in Texas,

                                  PAT TURNER  210 464-6500  


10/08/17 10:22 AM #783    


Larry King

For all of us who grew up in Miami the Crandon Park Zoo and the Train will always be a fond memory.

10/09/17 12:00 PM #784    


Paul Korry

I certainly can remember our field trips to Crandon Park & don't forget the trips to the Seaquarium. Good memories.

10/09/17 07:09 PM #785    


Larry King

Paul, for you!  A blast from the past....



10/10/17 08:34 AM #786    


Paul Korry

Thanks Larry, great shot of the Seaquarium. I'm presuming it's still there and enhanced. I believe it was owned by the theater chain, Wometco, if that's even still in existance. 

10/10/17 11:15 AM #787    


Don Mondul

I dimly recall a field trip for 1sr and 2nd graders on a train. We walked across the street from Miami Springs Elementary and boarded a train waiting for us. We rode to Fort Lauderdale, had a picnic in a park near the tracks, and returned.  Does anyone else remember that or is it a fantasy?

10/17/17 08:09 PM #788    


Jeannie Andrews (Dickson)

Dear Classmates,


I am happy to announce we have planned a Quilt of Valor ceremony for 5 more of our Veterans!!!



DATE:       Saturday, November 11th, 2017   It's Veterans Day!


PLACE:    Piccadilly Cafeteria

                4500 Hollywood

               Hollywood, FL  33021


TIME:     11:30AM - We have the private room until 2:30

DRESS:  Casual

We have planned for each of us to go through the food line on your own, then join everyone for lunch.

After lunch, we will honor our vets, then have time to visit.  It will be a great day with our awesome classmates...a mini reunion!

It would be nice, thought not imperative that we know how many will attend.  You can email me directly at or text or call my cell number  (727) 423-4941.


At our 50th Reunion we awarded 8 quilts.  Since then Sharon Brown Theriault has made and awarded a quilt to Robert Ylla.  I have made and awarded quilts to Pat Turner (our new fearless leader for our 55th Reunion) and to Bryan Houser.


Our HHS Sewing Sister's Quilt Group registered with the Quilts of Valor Foundation includes Linda Duckworth Phillips, Sharon Brown Theriault, Ruth Underwood Herrera and myself.  All of us have recently completed the 5 quilts.  We have made a committment to honor our class veterans, so we will keep our machines running!!!


Thanks so much to Pat Settembrino Pulice, Cathy Deprado Tufts and Kathy Kuzan McCleary for making the location arrangements. I couldn't have done it without you!


We hope to see many of our Thoroughbreds on the 11th! Its gonna be fun!!!






10/18/17 09:37 AM #789    


Fred -Skip Phillips (Phillips)

go girls ,,,,   going to honor vertains   here in calif ,,,,  but will be thinking about you ,,,, skip and brenda 




10/18/17 09:48 AM #790    


Fred -Skip Phillips (Phillips)

Robert Ylla,,   Bryan Houser ,, and Pat Turner   great !!!!wink

10/18/17 12:06 PM #791    


Larry King

Jeannie, you and Linda, Sharon & Ruth are fantastic. Thanks for all you do for our Veterans and our great Hialeah High Class of 1963.  I can’t wait to see everyone on Veterans Day.  It really should be fun.  Love to all!

10/19/17 12:51 PM #792    


Larry King

Woodshop at Filer Jr. High in 1959.  Standing, Left to Right: Alfred McKnight, Larry King, Eugene Grimsley, Mr Zion, ??, ??, ??, Teacher-Mr Fassinger, ??, Ray Bennett, Francis Wallace, ??  

Kneeling, L to R: David Hilson, ??, Roger Browning, Ralph Smith, Joseph Smith, Nicholas Pilius, ??.

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